Client Services

We source Business and Investment opportunities in the following Industries:

Transport and Logistical Services

  • Road Transport contracts
  • Warehousing projects
  • Cold storage projects
  • Logistical support services to construction projects or Greenfield mining projects
  • Mining
  • Sourcing of viable Mining concessions

Agriculture projects

  • Securing of agricultural land for farming.


  • Purification
  • Rehabilitation of reticulation systems


  • Oil and or Gas concessions
  • Hydro electric plants
  • Solar energy solutions


  • Partnerships in existing Charter Operations or Airlines
  • Rehabilitation of existing runways or the design and construction of new Airports

Healthcare Systems and Services

  • Redeployable clinics for remote site healthcare service
  • National Healthcare system audit and development
  • Turnkey Hospital, Clinic and mobile clinic projects
  • Turnkey Hospital boat supply


  • Partnerships with existing Security Companies
  • Security licences
  • Security contracts on mines, harbours and Government projects


  • Financial Intelligence and due diligence services


  • Radio network licences
  • Mobile network licences
  • Wireless network licences
  • Broad band networks
  • Telecommunication service solutions( Governments only)